Where are you from and how has that shaped your path as a dancer?

I am from Panama City, Panama.  Dancing is a part of my country's culture. I have been dancing practically my whole life, developing a passion for dance at a very young age.  



When did you decide to become a professional dancer?

I decided to become a professional dancer in 2004.  While I enjoyed the job I had as an accountant, pursuing  my passion for dance has opened a door to a world of creativity.  Soon after after my career change, I founded a dance team in Panama, which I also directed and choreographed.  We performed throughout Panama and Puerto Rico each year until I moved to Los Angeles.  


What has your move to Los Angeles meant for your career?

I chose to move to Los Angeles in 2008, where my career as a professional dancer has taken on a whole new dimension.  I have had the honor to dance with world renowned dancers such as Josie Neglia and Frances Nieves.  I also recently founded another dance team in Los Angeles called BEAT Dance Company, a semi-pro team that is continuously expanding.  I will soon be starting an amateur team here in LA as well.


Where have you performed or competed?

Most recently, in November 2010, I competed in a competition for Best Male Solo Salsa Dancer in L.A. and placed 4th. I performed and competed  internationally at many Salsa and Bachata congresses in in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Las Vegas, Venezuela and Puerto Rico.   I also perform at Hollywood events and other private parties.


What notable people have you worked with?

I have had the opportunity to dance for many artists including Marc Anthony, Aventura, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Gilberto Santa Rosa and Andy Montanez.


What kinds of dance do you generally do?

I generally perform Salsa, Bachata and Hustle and sometimes incorporate other genres of dance such as jazz, contemporary, tango and hip-hop.

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