8.30PM - 9.30PM

11943 Montana Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90049

Sample Salsa Pattern

This class will build on the skills learned in beginning Salsa class.  Once you feel comfortable with your basic footwork, musicality and styling, you'll learn to incorporate more challenging techniques into your dancing.


Intermediate Salsa class focusses more on partnerwork and styling.  It will emphasize many of the partner techniques that will be used even more as you progress in your dancing.  Hammer lock turns, copa breaks, salsa box steps, j-hooks, hook turns, etc.


For men, you’ll focus on your lead technique and get more familiar with the different types of partner leads in Salsa.  You’ll also work on being a smoother, gentler lead.


For women, you’ll focus on turning and styling and work on being able to do multiple turns.  You’ll also work on your connection, core, and other critical techniques to make you a better follow.


Come try out intermediate Salsa class today.

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