8:30PM - 9:30PM

11943 Montana Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90049


This is an advanced level class for students who want to learn New York style On2 Salsa (Mambo).  Students will need approval from the instructor before joining the class and have strong experience with Salsa, either on1 or on2.  Students must also be ready to commit to class on a regular schedule as the patterns will take commitment to master.


Fundamentals of salsa will not be taught in this class.  Men are expected to have solid footwork, musicality and be strong leads.  Women are expected to also have strong footwork and musicality skill as well as have strong turning and styling technique.


If you're looking for a real challenge, please ask about this class.  You'll definitely pick up some flashy new techniques and be on your way to mastering Salsa on2 Mambo.

Please contact us here to join the class

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